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EU Pharmaceutical Platform

With Global Match, you can trust in our expertise to navigate and fulfill the stringent regulatory requirements for WDA, GDP, MIA, and GMP. We strive to be your reliable partner, ensuring that your pharmaceutical products consistently meet the highest quality standards throughout the entire supply chain. This approach not only provides access to the Middle East and Africa but also offers global reach, as it is:

1. Faster and more economical, with lower capital requirements than establishing an independent manufacturing facility, by utilizing existing contract manufacturing organizations (CMOs) and contract development and manufacturing organizations (CDMOs) for production.
2. Low risk, as CDMOs/CMOs must comply with Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) regulations.
3. Opens doors for rapid growth for companies intending to market their products globally.
4. Expedites the selection and acquisition of product licenses.
5. Provides access to a wider portfolio of products.
6. Attracts big pharma players who prefer EU-based companies for licensing due to a better understanding of regulations.
7. Enhances control over products and increases the company’s brand value.
8. Offers independent and better control of the supply chain, with the opportunity to change the manufacturing site of choice after the initial supply term ends.
9. Being a product owner in the EU rather than merely a distributor helps increase the value of the company.

Product Licensing

In recent years, the demand for licensing services in the Life Sciences and Healthcare sector has witnessed significant growth. Companies operating in this industry are increasingly recognizing the value of open innovation and are seeking efficient and reliable partners to facilitate their licensing needs. Licensing services play a pivotal role in connecting organizations with external technologies, compounds, and intellectual property rights that can bolster their research and development efforts or expand their product portfolios.

As a trusted provider of licensing services, our goal is to bridge the gap between companies in need of innovative solutions and those possessing the necessary expertise and assets.

Contract Manufacturing

We specialize in identifying the ideal product for your requirements and then actively seek out the best supplier or contact manufacturer (CMO or CDMO) to meet your specifications.

Whether you are looking for generic products or private labeling options, we have the expertise to match you with manufacturers who can deliver exceptional quality and efficiency.

With our extensive network and industry knowledge across Europe, we ensure that your products are manufactured to the highest standards, meeting your unique branding and market demands.

Regulatory & Registeration

Global Match acts as a bridge between companies and regulatory authorities by providing strategic consulting services worldwide. Global Match develops, registers, and enables companies to understand the complexity of various regulatory requirements of stringent authorities, address them efficiently, successfully launch products in new markets, and maximize market share.

Global Match offers a full range of regulatory services from strategy to submission and lifecycle maintenance, to enabling companies worldwide to meet their regulatory goals for pharmaceuticals, dietary supplements and medical devices. Our services include:

  • Publishing and submissions
  • Regulatory labeling
  • Regulatory artwork services
  • Interactions with health authorities
  • Product registrations and market authorizations
  • Maintenance of product registration
  • Regulatory compliance
  • Lifecycle management/post approval activities
  • eCTD and electronic publishing services
  • Market access and regulatory strategy

Quality Assurance

Global Match offers a wide range of consulting services to meet all customer needs in the pharmaceutical industry by providing services focused on an improved level of compliance in pharmaceutical quality systems.

Global Match consultants support customers in the fields of pharmaceuticals, nutraceuticals, and medical devices at all stages of product development by providing services related to:

  • Establishing and improving pharmaceutical Quality Management Systems (QMS)
  • Ensuring inspection readiness and preparation for inspection and audit follow-up
  • Auditing and quality assessments – Current Good Manufacturing Practice (cGMP) and Good Distribution Practice (GDP)
  • Revising Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs)
  • Providing strategic process support to establish and implement
    vision, strategy, and goals
  • Training in all areas of operations; establishing documentation and conducting training
  • Providing a Responsible/Qualified Person (RP/QP)
  • Preparing & submitting the wholesale distribution application
  • Providing quality support to manage and maintain the Quality System
  • Providing risk assessment studies

Private Labelling

The heightened demand for private labelling speaks volumes about the developing markets’ needs and consumers’ demands. In Spain and Switzerland with approximately 50% private label unit market share, nearly half of all products sold are a retailer brand. In Europe’s largest retail markets, Germany and the United Kingdom, the private label share stayed well above 40% and retained its strong position. In the United States, private label accounts for 16 percent of the whole retail market of consumer-packaged products and has a value of roughly US$140 billion.

  • Selecting the initial best range of products to be branded.
  • Selecting premier specifications & formulas.
  • Providing regulatory & product registration services.
  • Providing packaging design services & issuing health claims according to country-specific regulations.
  • Developing & supplying the product.
  • Providing marketing strategies & material.
  • Providing marketing training to medical and sales representatives on the branded products.
  • Providing internationally recognized quality certification markings such as CE and ISO.
  • Reviewing & expanding the product range regularly.
  • Our retailers in the MENA region include importers and distributors, medical factories and pharmacy chains.
  • Consumers opt for low-priced value for money products.
  • Retailers gain higher margin products.
  • Retailers stand out with their own products.
  • Retailers gain growth opportunities in emerging and the MENA markets.
  • We are the first movers on a large-scale basis, especially in the MENA market.
  • We are Swiss & German developers of healthcare products in the two biggest pharma hubs in the world.
  • We combine an accumulated experience of over 100 years as a team.
  • We have the competence in specific innovative products.
  • We provide significant reduction in costs.
  • We provide flexible market-specific business models.

Digital Solutions

We provide cutting-edge digital solutions for the healthcare industry. We develop, design, and provide web applications for both iOS and Android platforms that revolutionize the way healthcare sectors, pharma, and nutraceutical companies. We empower organizations to enhance efficiency, improve patient care, and stay ahead in the dynamic healthcare landscape.

Our user-friendly applications cater to various needs, including promoting and marketing materials, archiving platforms, streamlining doctor visits, collecting data and managing stocks.

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