Commercial Services

Distributor Matching

We carefully select and partner with distributors who excel in marketing and distributing pharmaceutical and nutraceutical products across regions like the Middle East, Africa, Latin America, and Asia.

Our process involves conducting a thorough market analysis, establishing selection criteria, identifying potential distributors, evaluating their suitability through interviews and assessments, and finally negotiating partnership agreements covering pricing, territories, marketing support, payment terms, and exclusivity.

We prioritize distributors with the right infrastructure, expertise, market reach, financial stability, regulatory compliance, and industry reputation to ensure successful product distribution.

Market Access

We are specialized in providing comprehensive pharma market access services. We understand that successfully navigating the complex landscape of healthcare systems and gaining market entry can be challenging for pharmaceutical companies. That’s why our team of experienced market access experts is here to help.

We offer tailored strategies and solutions to overcome regulatory hurdles, optimize product value, and ensure favorable reimbursement and formulary access. With our deep knowledge of local markets, healthcare systems, and payer dynamics, we can guide you through the intricacies of each market and maximize your product’s reach and impact.

Market Research

At Global Match, we specialize in providing efficient and targeted market research services to achieve desired outcomes for each project. We utilize a range of tools and methods, including IMS, AMS, IQVIA, and conduct thorough product and clinical assessments.

Our quantitative research approach utilizes one-to-one interviews and surveys to gather accurate data. Additionally, we include focus groups, in-depth interviews, desk research,  mystery shopping, accompanied shopping trips , and shadow shopping, to ensure thorough evaluation.

Our expertise extends to healthcare research, encompassing OTC/Rx markets, patient opinions, physicians’ habits, pharmacists’ recommendations, satisfaction studies, concept testing, pricing analysis, and pre/post-market launch studies. Choose Global Match for precise market insights and effective research strategies tailored to your needs.

Strategy & Development

We guide clients through pharma strategy and business planning, helping define positioning, marketing ambitions, and roadmaps for desired outcomes. Our expertise lies in analyzing markets, evaluating opportunities, and conducting precise positioning audits for specific segments.

Our experienced team covers innovative ideas, products, platform technologies, consumer healthcare, and generics. Services include commercialization strategies, marketing, search strategy, shortlisting, and negotiation.

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